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Iced records maxi 06 : Fear / Universe
Maxi containing 2 Progressive House / Electro House tracks.
The first "Fear" by Miss Ka-rine & Axel G, is based on a captivating ryhtmique and slightly dingy synth Pad which will rock you.
The duo wanted to add to this track a powerful synth line to highlight some of the different parts.
The second track "Universe" by Dassylva, this track will take you in the center of the arena with his energy and powerful rhythmic.
In this maxi, Dassylva wanted to retain the side a little dark.
Perfect to spice this new maxi. 

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History / Why Not

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"HISTORY / WHY NOT"  maxi 05 : 

This is a two Progressive House tracks maxi, from Miss Ka-rine, Michael Manteca and Axel G. 
The first by Miss Ka-rine & Axel G : History, their new title will take you back with his pad.
The duo wanted to present a positive and joyful athmosphere.
The second track is directed by Michael Manteca and Axel G : Why Not, this powerful title will thrill with its emotionaly charged music.
You will find which sounds similar to those of Deadmau5, enriched and vitamin content by Michael Manteca and Axel G, with all the knowledge as they have since the beginning usually with their concept Dezax&K

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Pleasure-MAXI-icedrecords"Pleasure maxi 04":

Iced Records presents the first maxi by Michael Manteca : "Pleasure".

Michael Manteca proposes sexy and bewitching sounds added to an energetic rythm with percussions and elements peculiar to his reputation.

Dj Miss Ka-rine and Axel G. propose a remix very hot with sounds coming from hits of the years 80-90, with the last actually technique.
You will find all what you need to feed your nights with a feasting spirit.

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Voices / Emotions

Voices-MAXI-icedrecords"Voices/Emotions maxi 03":

Iced Records presents the third maxi, two titles from Dj Miss Ka-rine & Axel G.

The first title "Voices" will attract you by its sensual and feasted side, with Progressive House sounds of good reputation.

The second title "Emotions" takes its name in the richness of the sounds wich compose it and present the legendary mark wich is characterised by the duo.

You will appreciate the vocal parts present in the both hits by our singer Stephanie Hansen.

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Dark Show

Dark-Show-MAXI-icedrecords"Dark Show maxi 02":

Iced Records launches its second maxi with Dj Miss Ka-rine & Axel G. who present here a side more Tech-House.

The gloomy atmosphere we can find in this title is just inspired by Karine's father's passing. She wanted to transmit and write what she was feeling through a more darker music.

The punchy side of this music will keep you on the dance-floor and allow a blend with different styles, Techno, Tech-House, Progressive House etc.
The maxi is presented with two versions, one an Original mix and another a Special vocal version.

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