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Axel G (Axel Gadeyne) is a belgian artist from Liège, born in 1980.

Passionate of music since his infancy, when he was 12 years old, he started being interested with electronic music buying his first CD "Unity Mixers", produced by Patrick Samoy and Luc Rigaux (Full Megamix 1992) and wich will let him discover the beginnings of the Techno Music in Belgium. In 1996, he will buy his first vinyl deck and will start mixing on a little local radio on wich the DJs of the moment use to appear, and will obtain his own programme composed of TRANCE, TECHNO and ACID music every saturday during two years.


In his programmes, he will broadcast Techno productions (Reload rec., Djax-Up-Beats, Missile etc.) as well as others more Trance (Bonzai Trance Progressive, etc.).

In 1997 DJ Erick will offer him to mix in trendy places and he will appear under the name of "DJ Axel".

In 1998, he will be resident in several little clubs of the city. At the time of the closing of one of the clubs, somebody will steal all his discs. It is so that he will stop his activity as "TRANCE" DJ. During the two following years, he decided to refocus on Techno music, associating with other DJs and frequenting clubs as the "FUSE".

In 2000, DJ Axel will be back on the techno scene appearing among other things with his friends Dany Rodriguez, Xentrix, Michael Manteca etc.. From 2001, he will participate in particular at the first "FOREST RAVE" with the famous DJs as Zzino or Marco Bailey. It is in 2005 that he will begin taking an interest in musical production, buying his first rhythmical box.

In 2006 he will begin to collaborate with DJ Miss Ka-rine and reveal in 2007 their first Maxi "New Life", available on an independant label. They will draw attention of numerous belgian scene's artists. Afterwards, Axel will devote his time exclusively in production and will draw people's attention at the time of a competition on FUN Radio with a remix for Patrick Balzat. Afterwards, people will see him on numerous labels as Selecta Beats, Bonzai Fiesta, Salamandro, Nervine, Progrez, Planet Scaldia.

In 2009, with DJ Miss Ka-rine, he will release several Maxis on Elektrax Progressive's label with titles as "Summer of love","Blue Panda", played at the club "La Rocca" by numerous DJs.

In 2011, he will sign a Maxi for Interlabel with DJ Miss Ka-rine and the singer Stéphanie Hansen. He will also begin his collaboration with Michael Manteca for their plan "Dezak & K" with some productions very noticed as "Blue Dance Floor" appeared on the CD Warm FM's compilation.

In 2014, Axel "G" will sign on the belgian label "ATOME" on wich he will present his new concept "AX-Project" with remixes for numerous artists. To-day, he works actively with DJ Miss Ka-rine for "ICED RECORDS", their own label.

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