Miss Ka-rine

DJ-Miss-Ka-rineMiss Ka-rine.

Born on the 14th of april 1980.

Since her young age, Miss Ka-rine adores music. Very young, she started going out by night to enjoy music in the night clubs. Only music takes place in her life.


In 2000 she met DJ Axel who teached her how to mix on a vinyl deck.

In 2001, she mixes at "La Chapelle", mythical "underground" place in Liège where she draws people's attention to her style and her mixing technique.

In 2006 Miss Ka-rine follows another musical way and becomes resident at the "Opera House's" nights and begins to be well-known everywhere in Belgium...as well as on the FM wave band.

In 2008, she moves on the most trendy's nights in the country with her "Progressive Electro House" music and becomes quickly very popular, moving on FM residences (Maximum and Warm FM) with some interviews on NET FM. 2009, Miss Ka-rine appears in the best clubs of Belgium as La Rocca, Pulse Factory, Kokorico, Shaft, Barocco, Réal, Cocoon, Bliss..., becoming so a well-known DJ woman, the most in demand in Belgium, Miss Ka-rine.

Afterwards, she continues to appear beside the DJ Stars of the moment, meeting interesting persons and being lucky to may appear many times in Germany, France, Holland and Tunisia. Miss Ka-rine plays also in large festivals as City Parade and continues to move in many residences.

In 2010, she begins to be interested in production and contributes with Axel G.. Together, they form a perfect duo and sign on several labels as Bonzai Fiesta, Selecta Beats, Nervine, Progrez, Elektrax Progressive, Planet Scaldia. Miss Ka-rine obtains also every friday during the summer, a residence at the famous belgian radio "Fun radio" and continues on the wave band FM with some appearences at "Up FM" where she drawed people's attention when she started mixing music, as well as Warm FM.

In 2011 it is an honour for her to sign on the Jerry Roppero's label (Interlabel) with her title "Have you made up your mind". Then she decides for her single's promotion, to make her first "Lives" with 2 singers, Stéphanie and Barbara as well as her Gogo dancer Alicia. In 2014, Miss Ka-rine decides to create her own label with Axel G., "ICED RECORDS". Together, they are preparing a big "LIVE" ICED RECORDS for 2015.

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