Michael Manteca


 Michael Manteca (STUDIO 69)

Electronic music composer since 2000, Michael Manteca appears in live since 2003 (Dj set since 2010) and organizes his first nights at "La Chapelle" (Liège - Belgium) with his mates Dj Baz, Dany Rodriguez......( the nights Dream Tech), before performing in others events in Belgium as the Alive Festival (St.Vith), Electric Science (Hall des Foires - Liège), le Real (Tongeren), la Rocca (Liers), City Parade (Liège), Club Phoenix (Antwerpen), le Montini (St.Truiden), Garden Party Warm fm, LektroKlash, Moulin de Solières, Sound Station, Phoenix, Village du Monde (Brussels), Inside-Out (Liège), la Raffinerie, Structure Béton (Brussels), Projet XXL (Charleroi) or more, le C.A.T. (Bordeaux - France) and many others.


He releases his first track " Industry of Love" on vinyl in 2004 on the label "Roulette Records", Polaroid's label (Int. Dj Giggolo), then follows a second one on the Polymorfic Compilation of Puzzling Rec., label of the Dj from Liège, Bioxide. It is in 2005 that he will release his first Maxi 4 titles on the label of another Dj from Liège, Dj Praxyd "Studio 69 - Move & Dance", one of wich, a remix of Random Factor (Carl Finlow, 20/20 vision); this release on Strobe Music Records will draw attention and will be bowed by the biggestes as Tiga or Black Strobe, especially for his track Electric City (also on the compile CD Lektroklash vol.2). End of 2005 a second maxi on Klash Music Records, label of the mythicals nights Lektroklash "Michael MANTECA - Romantik Gang-Bang".

Between 2006 and end of 2009, he will link the releases on labels as Red Factory Records (Red Head's label), Destination Records (Dany Rodriguez), Patpong Records (Romania), Selecta Beats Records, to finally create his own label "CREATIVE MUSIC Records" wich he founds beginning of 2010 with his lifelong friend Dj Baz, (digital label available on Beatport, Juno, I tune...), label on wich they will release many coproductions: Creative Soul (Michael Manteca & Dj Baz), Vats & Yana (M.Manteca & Dj Dayto), Dezax & K (M.Manteca & Axel G), Studio 69 vs Andy Side, or more his coproduction with his Swiss friend (living in Berlin) Plastique de Reve (Turbo, Int. Dj Giggolo Records) - "Isla Coneja" released in 2011 on Creative Rec.

About the remixes, you can find it on the label Bonzai Records (with the remix of "Music Box" by Sharp & Lucas Pereri), on Creative Rec. where he will remix Dj Dan, Chris Hingher...
You can find his last releases on House Arth (Spanish Label) African History in 2012 and on NANOUCHI MUSIC Records where he will sign 2 maxis in 2013, Fresh Kiss & Celebration (feat. Shana), both on the famous compilation of the mythical "La Rocca" 's CD (vol 20) . In 2014 he signes on Iced Records and Expanded Music Records.
Peace, Love & Unity.


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